Hello Papermodel World!

9 09 2008

We have just started a weblog for non-Korean papermodelers. For now, this blog focuses on followings:

  • Post news on our sites
  • Communicate with non-Korean speakers about our site and us

Currently our team members are:

  1. Kim Chulho (blog) : administrator / model designer / web developer
  2. Jun Jin, a.k.a J2paper (blog) : web developer
  3. Kim Dongho, a.k.a Kim the Bear (blog) : model builder

and the current projects and sites are

  1. Finalpaper.net (link) : the flag ship site. Korean papermodel community.
  2. Papermodel.org (link) : manually curated online database for papermodels wordwide. Korean and English.
  3. Finalpaper.net/Soup (link) : meta blog site of papermodelers’ blogs. Korean bloggers.