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Kim Chulho started finalpaper.net at 2001.7.7 and it became one of the famous and the biggest community sites in Korea. Now he and other members are trying to explore the Web2.0 area of papermodel.


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4 01 2009


I just came across kite’s deep striker. I downloaded the rar file, and tried to open the PDOs using pepakura viewer 2 and designer 3. Both attempts failed. In the case of pepakura viewr, I was prompted to upgrade the application. For pepakura designer, it asked for a password?!?

Any help would be great. Thanks.


4 01 2009

Hi Jack,

For your information, Kite’s deep striker is a not free model and he provided a PDO file as an instruction. Therefore that file shouldn’t be accessible through Pepakura designer, by which you can save a unfolded pattern as reproducible file format, e.g. PDF file. However, although I haven’t tried, I believe you can open the POD file with newer version of Pepakura viewer. Also the PDO file is not directly corresponding to his final version, Kite said.
I hope this helps.

Happy new year !


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