Kite’s Deep Striker no longer on sale

6 12 2008

As Kite said on his blog, he will be away for his 2-year army service. It’s virtually mandatory for every Korean male adult. Therefore his Deep Striker also will not be available for sale any more. Thank you for handfull of customers who bought his model through me. I hope y’all enjoyed his great papermodel.

Oh, I almost forgot. Kite kindly left his (almost) final posts for you guys customers. ‘How to make a ball joint‘ and ‘PDO file of DS model‘ will be extremely helpful information if you had a problem to build DS model.

Then.. see you later till I have another great papermodels.

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4 responses

14 06 2009

Hi. This model is really impressive. I wish I know about it last year.

May I bought this model thought at this time? Is it possible ?

14 06 2009

Hi Mak.

Last time I contacted Kite, he wasn’t able to do that.

I will send an email to him, but the chances are low.

Sorry about that.

2 10 2010

please, qhere can i get the pdo files? or at least where can i buy it?

2 10 2010

Hi Eduardo,

I think Kite retracted his post about pdo file, which means he doesn’t want to provide/sell anything about Deep Strkier paper model. We kinda lost contact with him during his army service, and we don’t know not much about his status. Sorry about that.

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