Kite’s Deep Striker on sale

23 09 2008

Kite‘s famous papermodel, Deep Striker has been on sale for a while, even for non-Korean.

You can read full instruction for purchase and other helpful information on his post. I (Jin) am helping him as a mediator with my paypal account (check his blog) and English-Korean translation. Any question you have, leave a comment here or send an email to him or me.




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8 11 2008


what kind of paper type this model used for print?

is it really 100cm tall?

8 11 2008

Hell Pokijan,

According to the designer’s blog, he used 150g/m^2 paper, a bit ticker than usual Ink-jet printer papers. And also he used cardboards (1.5mm thickness) and 6mm-diameter plastic or wooden balls for the skeleton.

I will post the picture where you can judge by yourself. 🙂 It’s huge..

4 01 2009
Kite’s Deep Striker no longer on sale « English Weblog

[…] for his 2-year army service. It’s virtually mandatory for every Korean male adult. Therefore his Deep Striker also will not be available for sale any more. Thank you for handfull of customers who bought his […]

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