Kite’s Deep Striker no longer on sale

6 12 2008

As Kite said on his blog, he will be away for his 2-year army service. It’s virtually mandatory for every Korean male adult. Therefore his Deep Striker also will not be available for sale any more. Thank you for handfull of customers who bought his model through me. I hope y’all enjoyed his great papermodel.

Oh, I almost forgot. Kite kindly left his (almost) final posts for you guys customers. ‘How to make a ball joint‘ and ‘PDO file of DS model‘ will be extremely helpful information if you had a problem to build DS model.

Then.. see you later till I have another great papermodels.

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Kite’s Deep Striker on sale

23 09 2008

Kite‘s famous papermodel, Deep Striker has been on sale for a while, even for non-Korean.

You can read full instruction for purchase and other helpful information on his post. I (Jin) am helping him as a mediator with my paypal account (check his blog) and English-Korean translation. Any question you have, leave a comment here or send an email to him or me.

Signup FinalPaper.Net with OpenID

23 09 2008 is now fully compatible with any OpenID provider for registration and log-on. Kim Chulho, administrator and owner of, announced that supports OpenID standard: Korean notice. This means FPN is not no longer open only for Koreans. If you have OpendID, you can register with it. So far, lots of the members already have changed their old ids with new openids, mainly with one of Korean OpenID providers, If your openid provider follows the OpenID standards you won’t have any problem to sign on FPN. If you have any trouble, please leave message here.

I translated Kim Chulho’s instruction for registering with OpenID. The screenshots of OpenID provider will be different if you are using other providers.

1. Type in your openid into our OpenID id form and hit return. The small checkbox will save your log-in status for a while, not that long.

2. You need to type in your password in your OpenID provider website. And then you might need to type/change some information FPN request to your OpenID provider.


3. Once your OpenID provider return the proper information to FPN, you will see the following screen in FPN. If you register as new member, you need to click the bottom button.

4. The you will see these screen containing empty ‘membership agreement’ and ‘private information policy’. You need to check these two check boxes before clicking the confirm ‘확인’ button to advance for registration screen.

5. Most of the fields are already filled thanks to OpenID provider, so you might need to fill a couple of fields to finish the registration process. BAM!

Starcraft Barracks

15 09 2008

Chulho has just posted another his original papermodel, Starcraft Barracks.

I believe this one was designed before than Starcraft Factory, around 2001 winter. Again his papermodels are easy to make and still have pretty good proportions.

On his blog, you can download easy/normal color/BW pdf files with three pages.

Enjoy paper-modeling.

Starcraft Factory

13 09 2008

Chulho has just posted his original papermodel, Starcraft Factory.

This model was originally designed around 2001 winter, I remember, and is loved still by lots of modelers. His papermodels are usually simple enough to enjoy building itself even though he could have designed much more complicated.

On his blog, you can download easy/normal color/BW pdf files with three pages. Also he kindly uploaded it to Scribd:

Enjoy paper-modeling.

Hello Papermodel World!

9 09 2008

We have just started a weblog for non-Korean papermodelers. For now, this blog focuses on followings:

  • Post news on our sites
  • Communicate with non-Korean speakers about our site and us

Currently our team members are:

  1. Kim Chulho (blog) : administrator / model designer / web developer
  2. Jun Jin, a.k.a J2paper (blog) : web developer
  3. Kim Dongho, a.k.a Kim the Bear (blog) : model builder

and the current projects and sites are

  1. (link) : the flag ship site. Korean papermodel community.
  2. (link) : manually curated online database for papermodels wordwide. Korean and English.
  3. (link) : meta blog site of papermodelers’ blogs. Korean bloggers.